Marketing Awareness Quiz Set 3

Dear Aspirants, you can check out the Questions And Answers with a detailed explanation of Marketing Awareness. So do practice these Questions And Answers thoroughly.

Marketing Awareness Quiz Set 3

1. Textiles refer to which kind of goods?

2. Marketing refers to

3. It is designed to capture market share by entering the market with a low price relative to the competition to attract buyers.

4. Which among the following is a marketing strategy that focuses on spreading information and opinions about a product or service from person to person, especially by using
Unconventional means such as the Internet or email?

5. Which among the following is not involved in the life cycle of the product?

6. It is a part of 4P’s of marketing and also represents the different methods of communication that are used by the marketer to inform target audience about the product.

7. Political campaigns are which type of marketing?

8. It is an effective communication is and known as

9. TQM stands for

10. Which among the following is not an important component of PROMOTIONAL MIX?

11. The share of market means

12. Which type of marketing involves the selling of mere goods?

13. In any marketing the best promotional tool is

14. Channels of marketing means

15. For an ATM-cum-Debit card the target group is

16. Marketing is more required when

17. If the market share falls then it implies that

18. In marketing a cold call means

19. A ‘Push’ marketing strategy necessitates

20. Meaning of Buyer Resistance in marketing is

21. USP stands for

22. The target group for Tractor Loans is

23. Savings Account with Insurance benefit is

24. Telemarketing campaigns are an alternative of

25. Mutual fund business from existing bank customers can be mobilized by

26. Communication skills in the case of a DSA means

27. USP of a current account is

28. Meaning of Market Spacing is

29. A good marketing strategy involves good and proper

30. Aggressive marketing is required due to



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