Marketing Awareness Quiz Set 4

Candidates who are preparing for the competitive examinations, they can see the Questions And Answers with a brief explanation of Marketing Awareness Quiz. So keep practicing these Questions to get Qualify in the examination.

Marketing Awareness Quiz Set 4

1. Which among the following is the term used to describe a large company that consists of seemingly unrelated business sections?

2. AIDA stands for

3. It is a form of individual marketing where the customer takes more responsibility for determining which products and brands to buy.

4. Consumers who buy one brand all the time

5. Which among the following is one of the 7 O’s in Framework in Marketing?

6. BEP stands for

7. TARPS stands for

8. A competitor that reacts swiftly and strongly to any assault in marketing is

9. It is a measure to rectify the situation arising out of the dumping of goods and its trade distortive effect.

10. When consumers get one sample for free, after their trial and then could decide whether to buy or not then that is called

11. A good control system should active correct action no sooner _______ occur.

12. Decision- making is a future-oriented activity. It involves forecasting and planning. The function of decision-making is to choose alternatives for the _________.

13. The contribution approach to pricing is based on the incremental _______.

14. Retailing includes all activities incident to selling to the ultimate __________.

15. Which of the following is not factors of the demand variable, according to Fillip Kotler?

16. A departmental store offers a wide range of products in an departmental store offers a wide range of products in an organised fashion and is easily accessible to the _________.

17. The net profit will be maximised when _______.

18. Sources of verbal information include _________.

19. Those cost items which attach or cling to units of finished goods are called ________.

20. Product market integration may be defined as a state wherein both product image and consumer self-image are in focus, there is a match between product attributes and consumer
expectations both economic and _________.

21. Buying situations may be caused by ________.

22. Marketing management is the process of product planning, pricing, promotion and _________ along with the services to generate transaction that satisfies the organisational and user objectives.

23. Which among the following is NOT motivation models?

24. Which one of the formula may be used for setting prices under cost plus pricing method?

25. Decentralisation refers to the systematic efforts to delegate to the lowest levels all authority except that which can be exercised at central points” Who said it?

26. The physical distribution involves which activities?

27. Product plays a ________ role in the activities of a business.

28. The sum of direct materials and direct labour costs is called

29. _________ costs are those costs which are incurred to perform the marketing functions.

30. The process of advertising in business begins with market situation analysis conducted to assess the marketing _______ for the product in the existing state of business in the



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