Marketing Awareness Quiz Set 6

Candidates can check out the latest Questions and Answers of Marketing Awareness in the form of Quiz in We provided the Questions and Answers with a detailed explanation.

Marketing Awareness Quiz Set 6

1. What is Markup ?

2. In which pricing method, some percentage of profit is added to the cost price of the product?

3. The markup per unit is expressed by

4. Which of the following is not a feature of Marketing ?

5. ____________ is a pricing method in to win loyal customers by charging low prices for their high- quality products

6. Which model establishes a relationship between risk and expected returns of a security?

7. The price of a product is fixed according to the prevailing price trends in the market is known as

8. Which pricing is also known as average cost pricing ?

9. ________________________ is as a collection of buyers and sellers who transact over a particular product or service.

10. The process of selling of goods and services within the departments of the organization is related with which pricing method ?

11. The Center point of marketing concept is ____________

12. ____________ is the center point of banking concept

13. The action of an organization or government selling or liquidating an asset or subsidiary is known as

14. Which of the following is the major element of marketing planning appraisal process ?

15. ___________ is/are methods of forecasting demand of product in market.

16. Which types of goods are used for further production?

17. The gap analysis is used to determine the gap between ________ and _________

18. Which is the first level of a product ?

19. Marketing is ________________ oriented

20. Which of the following is an example of convenience goods ?

21. An extreme type of inferior good is called as ______________

22. Which of the following is used in customer relationship management (CRM) ?

23. Which of the following is not included in 4 Cs of Marketing ?

24. Cross Selling is related with ____________

25. Relationship marketing activities are like as______________ marketing

26. _______________is an analyzing the data stored with back-office staff

27. What is USP in Marketing ?

28. Which types of can be best canvassed among& individuals who want to buy a house ?

29. Personal loans can get by who among the following ?

30. Which of the following is essential for Blue ocean strategy?



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