Marketing Awareness Quiz Set 7

Dear Aspirants who are searching for the Questions and Answers of Marketing Awareness here is the right place to get Questions And Answers with an accurate explanation. So do practice these Questions and are useful for all competitive examinations.

Marketing Awareness Quiz Set 7

1. In the PEST analysis, S denotes which of the following factor ?

2. Which of the following is not included in the service marketing mix ?

3. ______________ is the marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally safe.

4. The development of marketing mix to influence a customer’s perception of a brand is called ___________

5. The phrase ‘This is what I want, won’t you please make it?’ reflects the _________ concept

6. Each transaction will takes place at predetermined intervals is known as ________

7. Products are ____________and Services are __________in nature.

8. The mass market is the largest group of end consumers for a specified product, which consists of several ________________ market

9. The task of any business is to deliver which of the following value ?

10. Which tool is used to  identify the ways to create value for your customers ?

11. Product line is a series of which of the following ?

12. RSS stands for

13. ____________ is/a re pillars of the modern marketing concept

14. According to Pyle, Marketing comprises of  ______________________

15. In ECRM, E denotes ______________

16. The Customer relationship management(CRM) is used for ___________

17. ___________________ is /are example of Bank’s product mix

18. ____________________is/are concept of Marketing

19. The term Marketing Mix was developed by  _______________

20. What is/are used as a tool for promotion ?

21. In marketing Monopsony relates with ___________ seller and ______________ buyer

22. ______________relates to several entity’s control of a market to purchase a good or service.

23. ‘Market segmentation as the subdivision of a market into homogeneous subjects of customer’ said by whom ?

24. MRP stands for

25. In MRTP, P represents _________________

26. The systematic recording of human cultures is called as ____________

27. Which of the following data available within the organization ?

28. The Concept of Goriila Marketing is introduced by __________

29. Who created the Marketing 4Ps in the 1960s ?

30. The Method of sending promotional items to clients is called ______________



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