Meghalaya GK Quiz

Meghalaya GK Quiz

Willing to take the Meghalaya GK Quiz Questions? This is a small way to improve your knowledge in Meghalaya. In this Article, we have given the detailed summary of Meghalaya state and Meghalaya GK Quiz. Furthermore, we have included the Meghalaya GK Questions and Answers that will assist you to identify well about Meghalaya state. All the students who are interested in attempting any sought of competitive exams can easily excel themselves and improve their confidence levels by preparing with this Meghalaya General Knowledge Quiz.

Moreover, this entire article is framed with Meghalaya General Knowledge Questions and Answers, thereby candidates can practice and know about the Meghalaya GK Questions and Answers in a fully furnished manner. Therefore, within the short span of time, aspirants can quickly learn about the concept provided below. Similarly, by going through this entire webpage, the contenders can know the way of attempting the competitive exams easily. So, aspirants can have a look at the Meghalaya GK Quiz which is provided below of this page.

1. Total Number of Rajya Sabha seats in Meghalaya?

2. The Nokrek Ridge National Park is located at?

3. On which river is the Mawphlang Dam built?

4. On which river is the Myntdu-Leshka Dam built?

5. Who is the Current Director general of police of Meghalaya?

6. What is Meghalaya literacy Rank in India

7. Which is the Meghalaya state Tree?

8. Who was the Second CM Of Meghalaya

9. The number of a district in the state Meghalaya?

10. Which Indian State have a highest decadal growth rate of Population?

11. Which one is the largest tribal group in Meghalaya?

12. Which one is the largest district of Meghalaya?

13. Shillong is also known as the _________ of the East

14. The Balphakram National Park is located at

15. Which one is the highest peak of Meghalaya?

16. The Nohkalikai Falls is located on

17. Which Number of the member in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly is?

18. Which of the following is not an official language of Meghalaya?

19. When was Meghalaya established?

20. Subansiri dam is situated in

21. What does Meghalaya mean?

22. What is the literacy rate of Meghalaya according to 2011 census

23. Which Year Was the East Garo Hills District Formed?

24. What is the area of Meghalaya?

25. On which river is the Umtru Dam built?


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