Rajasthan GK Quiz

Rajasthan GK Quiz

Candidates who are in deep search about Rajasthan GK Quiz they all can check this entire article. We provide you detailed information about Rajasthan Online Mock Test. In this page, we have also included the Rajasthan GK Quiz Questions which helps you to get a good result in all competitive exams. Therefore, this Rajasthan GK Quiz Questions and Answers will help all the candidates to face various competitive exams.

This Rajasthan General Knowledge Questions and Answers Quiz will help the students to get a grip on various topics of Rajasthan State. So, this page not only provides the Rajasthan General Knowledge Questions but also provides an appropriate explanation of Rajasthan State culture and traditions. Candidates can verify their mistakes and rectify them by practicing this Rajasthan General Knowledge Quiz. For more latest updates and complete information please do follow our website.

1. Which of the following district of Rajasthan does not come under ‘Hadauti region’?

2. The Vijay Shahi coins were in use in which among the following areas of Rajasthan?

3. ‘Jaisamand lake’ is considered as the second largest artificial lake in the world and first in Asia. In which district of Rajasthan is it situated?

4. Who among the following is generally believed to have started gold coinage in Mewar?

5. The Mukundra Hills (Darrah) National Park is located at?

6. Which state is North to Rajasthan?

7. The Phooldal Mela has been associated with which among the following sects of Rajasthan?

8. Largest Cement Producer of Rajasthan?

9. What is Rajasthan Population Rank in India

10. When was Rajasthan established?

11. Maharana Pratap horse Chetak tomb situated at?

12. Which is the Rajasthan state Tree?

13. The largest city of Rajasthan?

14. Which of the Following City nickname is a Blue city?

15. Who is the Governor of Rajasthan?

16. Which lake is also known as Tod-Rock in Rajasthan?

17. Which is the highest peak of Rajasthan?

18. In Which district Central Camel Breeding Centre is located?

19. Is Rajasthan day celebrated on?

20. The source of river Banas is

21. What is the sobriquet of Udaipur?

22. In Which district of Rajasthan Mica mixed hematite iron ore is found?

23. Which city is called as Rajasthan ka Nagpur?

24. Which city is called as Rajasthan ka Nagpur?

25. Which Desert Located at Rajasthan?


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