Sikkim GK Quiz

Sikkim GK Quiz

In this article, we have provided the Sikkim GK Quiz questions and answers that are related to the different aspects of Sikkim state. Sikkim State GK Quiz includes Political, geographical, cultural, economy, educational, growth and many other aspects of the state. This Sikkim GK quiz includes interactive questions that are very useful for the all competitive exams like Civil Services, and many other exams.

Therefore, we hope it may be helpful for the contenders who are preparing Sikkim quiz questions and answers. Moreover, Sikkim quiz questions are helpful to know about the state with brief details. So, Sikkim GK questions and answers are helpful in various ways. Candidates can check the complete details of the Sikkim General Knowledge quiz on this page. We suggest the aspirants practice this Sikkim Questions and Answers Quiz thoroughly.

1. Which is the capital of Sikkim?

2. The Barsey Rhododendron Wildlife Sanctuary is located at

3. Which one is the only Indian state who share its border with Sikkim

4. In which River Rangit III Dam is situated?

5. The "National Research Centre for Orchids", (ICAR Institute) is located in?

6. Which one is the largest district of Sikkim by area wise

7. When was Sikkim established?

8. Who is the Current CM of Sikkim

9. Who is the Current DGP of Sikkim

10. Is it considered as lifeline of Sikkim?

11. The economy of Sikkim is mainly based on?

12. Which is the only Indian State which borders Sikkim?

13. What is the capital of North Sikkim?

14. What is the capital of North Sikkim?

15. By Which amendment Sikkim become a full state of India

16. Chu-Faat, Zo-Mal-Lok, Tendong Lo Rum Faat, Kinchum-Chu-Bomsa are folk dances of?

17. Which is the only Indian State which borders Sikkim?

18. Temi Tea Garden, which is the only tea garden in Sikkim is located in

19. Pang Lhabsol is a famous Sikkimese .............?

20. National Highway ......... links Siliguri to Gangtok.

21. Which pass connects Tibet with India?

22. In Bangladesh, the Teesta river joins with the

23. Which one is the largest Buddhist monastery in Sikkim

24. Which one is a left tributary river of Teesta

25. The native Sikkimese consist of the Bhutias, who migrated from the Kham district of ........... in the 14th century, and the Lepchas, who are believed to have migrated from
the Far East.


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