Statements And Assumptions – Verbal Reasoning Questions And Answers

Contenders can check out the latest Questions which are provided in the form of Quiz for Statements And Assumptions in Verbal Reasoning in the below section. So practice them without any delay. These will be helpful for all competitive examinations, entrance tests too.

Statements And Assumptions – Verbal Reasoning Questions And Answers

1. If he is intelligent, he will pass the examination
1. To Pass, he must be intelligent
2. He will pass the examination

2. "If it does not rain throughout this month, most farmers would be in trouble this year"
1. Timely rain is essential for farming
2. Most farmers are generally dependent on rains

3. The 'M' Cooperative housing society has put up a notice at its gate that sales persons are not allowed inside the society
1. All the sales persons stay away from 'M' Cooperation society
2. The security guard posted at the gate may be able to stop the sales persons entering the society

4. Retired persons should not be appointed for the posts in organisations
1. Retired persons may lack zeal and commitment to carry out executive's work
2. Retried persons do not take interest in the work and welfare of new organisations

5. The office building needs repairing just as urgently as it needs internal as well as external painting
1. Efficiency of people working in the office cannot be improved unless office building is reapaire
2. Repairing and painting of office building require funds

6. Statement: "You are hereby appointed as a programmer with a probation period of one year and your performance will be reviewed at the end of the period for confirmation." - A
line in an appointment letter.
I. The performance of an individual generally is not known at the time of appointment offer.
II. Generally an individual tries to prove his worth in the probation period.

7. Statement: It is desirable to put the child in school at the age of 5 or so.

I. At that age, the child reaches the appropriate level of development and is ready to learn.
II. The schools do not admit children after six years of age.

8. Statement: "In order to bring punctuality in our office, we must provide conveyance allowance to our employees." - In charge of a company tells Personnel Manager.
I. Conveyance allowance will not help in bringing punctuality.
II. Discipline and reward should always go hand in hand.

9. Statement: Unemployment allowance should be given to all unemployed Indian youth above 18 years of age.
I. There are an unemployed youth in India who needs monetary support.
II. The government has sufficient funds to provide an allowance to all unemployed youth.

10. Statement: "If you trouble me, I will slap you." - A mother warns her child.
I. With the warning, the child may stop troubling her.
II. All children are basically naughty.

11. Statement:
Quite independent of the global economic meltdown, India's neglect of its physical infrastructure has been a malaise demanding radical treatment.
I. Radical treatment would reduce the adverse effects of global economic meltdown and India's neglect of its physical infrastructure.
II. Physical infrastructure is the base of high growth trajectory.

12. Statement:
Anger is energy, in a more proactive way and how to channelize it is in itself a skill.
I. Anger needs to be channelized.
II. Only skillful people can channelize anger to energy.

13. Statement:
The government may reduce the export duty on Basmati rice, in view of competition from Pakistan in the international market.
I. Reduction in export duty leads to increase in exports.
II. Pakistan is an exporter of Basmati rice.

14. Statement:
People of all ages have found us good people to grow with.
I. People want to grow.
II. We are good people.

15. Statement:
"Enjoy your challenges" - an advertisement of a car brand.
I. People wish to enjoy challenges.
II. There are people who are willing to buy a car.

16. Statement:“Use Kajaria Ceramics tiles to decorate your house”, - An advertisement.

I. People want to decorate their house.
II. Only ceramic tiles can make a house decorative.

17. Statement: “Just step in! We are concerned about all your needs with wide range of articles”- An advertisement.


I. Such advertisements are neglected by the people.
II. People wish to have selective marketing.

18. Statement: The new EXIM policy envisages major changes in the earlier policy.


I. EXIM Policy should not consistent with economic condition of the country and abroad.
II. There has been some flaws in the earlier EXIM policy.

19. Statement: Kumar Sanjeev Ranjan dissatisfied with present salary and perks, joins another company.


I. The new company gives to all their employees good salary.
II. Present company runs in loss.

20. Statement: It is futile to discuss corruption at any forum. Corruption is rampant everywhere in the country.


I. Corruption is inevitable in any system.
II. Corruption is a serious concern.



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