Telangana GK Quiz

Telangana GK Quiz

Candidates can take the Telangana Gk Quiz from the below of this page. Read the below page completely to know more about Telangana state and aspirants will come to know the brief description of the Telangana State. By practicing this Telangana Online Mock Test, candidates can easily perform well in their competitive examinations. Moreover, on this page, we have discussed Telangana GK Questions and Answers in the form of a quiz. To make the viewers preparation easy we have included the questions and answers in the form of multiple-choice questions. To be more efficient with the Telangana State concept and the description of the state go through this entire article.

In this article, we make you learn about all the relevant topics of Telangana State which are useful for all exams. To fetch more information stay tuned to our web portal. Aspirants can find out the Telangana GK Quiz with Questions and Answers for better preparation. We suggest the aspirants go through this entire page and get more information regarding Telangana State. By practicing this Quiz aspirants can get a good result in the competitive exams. So prepare well by using this Telangana General Knowledge Quiz which is provided below.

1. Which of the following is Telangana state bird?

2. Grand Central Terminal, Park Avenue, New York is the world's

3. Which is the ruling party in Telangana?

4. State flower and state tree of Telangana is

5. Which of the following Village/City is famous for Paper industry?

6. Which district of Telangana state is largest by area?

7. An 800-year-old Banyan tree Pillalamarri is situated in which district?

8. The famous Warangal fort was built by?

9. Who were rulers of Hyderabad in 1724-1948?

10. During which of the following Telugu month, Bonalu festival is celebrated in Telangana?

11. When was the bill for Telangana state passed in the two Houses of the Parliament?

12. Memoirs of Hyderabad Freedom Struggle book is written by whom?

13. What was the name of the military operation that conducted to merge Hyderabad with India

14. Who was the last Nizam of Hyderabad?

15. Lord Narasimha temples are located in which of the following places of Telangana?

16. Main language of Telangana state

17. How many districts are in Telangana state?

18. When was Telangana merged with Andhra Pradesh?

19. A number of Loksabha constituencies in Telangana state?

20. What is the State Animal of Telangana?

21. What is the literacy rate in Telangana

22. In which year the Charminar was built

23. Who of the following had built the Bhongir Fort?

24. Which town in Telangana is called “Coal Town of South India”?

25. Bhongir fort situated in which district?


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