Uttarakhand GK Quiz

Uttarakhand GK Quiz

Candidates can improve Uttarakhand GK skills by practicing the Quiz which is available in this article. All these Questions will help an individual to sharpen their skills in the General Knowledge of Uttarakhand State. Contenders should know about Uttarakhand State GK. Are you eagerly waiting to know about Uttarakhand State Quiz then read this article thoroughly. Our page presents you some Uttarakhand GK Quiz Questions. It gives you a clear view in mind about the state and is useful to face any of the interviews such as Civil Service exams like groups etc.

Therefore, this Uttarakhand GK Quiz is helpful for other competitive exams for choosing a suitable profession. These Uttarakhand Quiz questions and answers help you to enhance yourselves in general knowledge about the Uttarakhand state. Uttarakhand Quiz questions and answers are provided for aspirants in the easy understanding of the questions. If you practice well you will definitely crack the competitive exams.

1. The 2001-2011 decade increase in the population of Uttarakhand is

2. Among the past glories of the state Chandan Singh Garhwali was

3. Which National Park of Uttarakhand has been given the status of “World Heritage”?

4. What is Lansdowne?

5. In which district of Uttarakhand "Dhauli Ganga Electric Project" is situated?

6. Which state is to the south of Uttarakhand?

7. Where does the Bhotia tribe?

8. Which woman of Uttarakhand is known as "Badminton Queen"?

9. At which place does river Bhagirathi merge with Alakananda?

10. Which of the following passes connects Pithoragarh to Tibet?

11. According to 2011 census the total population of Uttarakhand is

12. How many Polytechnic colleges are there in Uttarakhand?

13. Antibiotic medicines manufacturing factory with the collaboration of Russia ts located in which of the following districts?

14. Which one of the following places are reserved for Scheduled Caste?

15. Chipko Movement is connected with

16. Which river passed through the Valley of Flowers

17. The Commission for Uttarakhand was

18. British woman Hielamen was known as ‘Sarla Bahen’ her working field was?

19. Where is the Building Research Institute and Structural Engineering Centers?

20. Among the High Courts of the country, the Uttarakhand High Court ranks

21. Which of the following countries, boundaries touch the Uttarakhand state?

22. Total number of National Parks in Uttarakhand

23. When was the Kumaon Council formed?

24. Where is the I.M.A. (Indian Military Academy) arranged?

25. The particular character of Uttarakhand is


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