West Bengal GK Quiz

West Bengal GK Quiz

Candidates who want to attempt West Bengal GK Quiz can look at this article. All the students should definitely have a knowledge of West Bengal GK Questions and Answers. In this web page, we gave the complete overview about the State of West Bengal. And all the aspirants who are interested in learning about the depth details can take the West Bengal General Knowledge Quiz.

To make the preparation easier for the candidates we have provided the frequently asked West Bengal GK Quiz Questions and Answers in various competitive exams and interviews. Contenders need to do is to spend a short span of time with us and practice this quiz thoroughly. We will include all the important stuff for you to get the best result using this West Bengal General Knowledge Questions.

1. What is the official language of West Bengal state?

2. The total population of West Bengal (2011)?

3. Total Number of Lok Sabha seats in West Bengal?

4. Which organization has recently established official ties with UNESCO for promoting peace and non-violence?

5. Who is the Current Chief Minister of West Bengal?

6. The capital city of West Bengal is?

7. In the Indian state of West Bengal, the word ‘Patishapta’ defines what?

8. Who is the Current Director general of police of West Bengal?

9. Name of state Flower is?

10. Which is the West Bengal state Bird?

11. Who is the The first Chancellor of Calcutta University

12. Which state is to the north of West Bengal?

13. In India, West Bengalis the largest producer of

14. Which district of West Bengal has been declared country’s first open defecation free district?

15. Muruguma Dam is situated in

16. In which year, the Nobel Prize in Literature was given to Rabindranath Tagore

17. Who was the Third Governor Of West Bengal?

18. Who was the first person from West Bengal to win Bharat Ratna Award?

19. In which year Left front won the state assembly elections the first time?

20. The Number of Rajya Sabha seats is?

21. The Number of National Park In West Bengal is?

22. Who is the first Indian woman to swim the English Channel twice

23. Who is first British Governor General of West Bengal?

24. Which of the following River is Once known as “Sorrow of Bengal”?

25. In which year the Howrah Bridge was opened for public



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